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The meaning of Eden is ‘Delight’. At Eden, as a leading provider of services to recruitment agencies, contractors and freelance workers this is our main aim — To delight our customers in whatever we do whilst providing convenient and fully compliant products to the recruitment market. If you are a contractor or an agency looking for a payroll service then we are here to help. We aim to provide you with the best possible individual service and advice so that you can either concentrate on your current assignment or growing your agency.


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From 1st October 2014 the rates for National Minimum Wage have increased Adult Rate (for workers aged 21+) £6.50
Development Rate (for workers aged 18-20) £5.13
16-17 Year Old Rate £3.79
Apprentice Rate £2.73
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From the 6th April 2014 there will be changes to rates and allowances that will apply to your payroll. Some of the main changes are listed below:
PAYE Allowances
  • The PAYE tax threshold has increased from £9,440 to £10,000 per year
  • The higher rate allowance has fallen from £ £32,011 to £31,865
Class 1 National Insurance Allowances
Employee’s NI
  • The primary threshold has increased from £149 to £153 per week
Employer’s NI
  • The secondary threshold has increased from £148 to £153 per week
Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
  • The standard weekly SSP rate will increase from £86.70 to £87.55
Statutory maternity, paternity and adoption pay (SMP, SPP, SAP)
  • SMP (after the first 6 weeks), SPP and SAP will increase from £136.78 to £138.18 per week
Student Loan
  • The Student Loan Threshold will increase from £16,365 to £16,910 per year
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